courier disclaimer

Whilst every care is taken with customers origination, all customer originals (in whatever form) are accepted for copying (by whatever method) on the basis that their value does not exceed the current cost of the material itself, and liability for costs or expenses incurred as a result of loss, damage, delay or any other reason is limited to the replacement of the material itself and no other liability will be accepted for loss, damage consequential or otherwise however caused.

We advise that customers should exercise every care in protection of their own originals during transit and should effect their own insurance cover for loss and damage to originals of high value. All service times and delivery dates quoted are from the receipt of the job in our premises, during our stated working hours, and are given in good faith. They do not form part of any contract. We shall not be liable for any loss to the customer or for any third party claim in either case whether any claim is for consequential loss or any other kind of loss caused by the delay in completing the work or in transit.

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